About Our Elementary School

Somerset Academy Brooks has an elementary school that serves students in grades PreK to 5th grade. The core Elementary curriculum focuses on reading, language arts, mathematics, social studies, science, and engineering. Critical thinking and creativity are supplemented through, art, music, and physical education/health. We use an exploratory approach to build upon our students’ skills. This immersive learning is extended to our after school program, which is focused on enrichment, STEM, and tutorials.

Elementary STEM Program

Our Elementary curriculum provides a hands-on experience and an introduction to robotics and engineering. Students use problem-based learning and STEM to examine and experience real-world scenarios as part of the daily lesson.

Elementary Honors Program

Fifth grade students strengthen their cognitive development and prepare for our rigorous middle and high school curriculum via the honors program. Academically exceptional students are eligible to participate in the National Elementary Honor Society.

Core Programs

Somerset Brooks broadens student's critical thinking skills and creativity with our after school enrichment program. Students have opportunities to research several organizations and careers through field trips and in-class speakers to expand their knowledge base.

House Program

Students are assigned to a "House" upon enrollment. Each House is named for a scientist who made a notable contribution to the way we interact with and learn about the world. Students participate in the House System to foster collegiality while promoting academic competition.

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Somerset Academy Brooks students will be self-motivated, competent, life-long learners, and prepared to thrive throughout their lives. Somerset Academies Texas will ensure every student success at the college preparatory level!

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